1. maaaaalfunction:



    (via nuclearnightmare)

  2. new shirt design, done by YEAP (krömosom) 

  3. http://youtu.be/eAAznZ-zP4E

    hey punks! here is a new track of our upcoming record! enjoy it!

  4. I want to believe.

  5. Instinct of survival at la jungla fest in barcelona in january 2013 at 5:30am.
    Me and pacik. Foto credits by rene olvera.

  6. Here is the final frontcover artwort for our upcoming full length “call of the blue distance” released by agipunk records.
    Art is done by our good friend and singer in visions of war, steve

  7. Lipstickkiller

  8. Spring finally arrived in berlin.

  9. Little sneak peak to the “mental cold war” poster which will come along with our soon on agipunk records released “call of the blue distance” full length.
    Artwork done by petter ydmark.