1. We are going on tour next week!

  2. Period.

  3. Christoffer, johanna (both in metro cult, check them out!!) and me. Berlin 6 am.

  4. Me sleeping.


  5. Anonymous said: You are seriously so attractive.

    awww, thank you :3

  6. Instinct of survival in oslo! Here we are posing in front of the blitz but actually played that night at the barrikaden!!!
    Anyways blitz blir!!!


  7. just uploaded the full new instinct of survival recorded to our bandcamp for streaming! share it! cd digipack version is out already at colturshock.de, you also find our merch there.

    vinyl will be released in september 2014 through agipunk!

  8. Mexican band CRIMEN at the køpi in berlin!!! Those guys rule in every way!!!

  9. The cd version of our new record is out now!!! Get it online at colturshock! They ship worldwide! The vinyl will be out in september! So, vinyl lovers, be patient!!!

  10. Crimen and napalm raid played in leiden (netherlands) and we had a pizzabreak at a river. Food for everyone! A small romance grew out of those seconds and held on a whole night.